Where have the wild things gone?

I’m so dreadfully sorry I haven’t blogged in so long- I’m currently in the middle of exams (ghastly things!).

But please hang in there, I promise to  make up for it with some incredible gems.

Oh, and before you scroll on by, be at peace in these scenes for just 30 seconds.

Happiness is that simple.



The Fairy Realm, Hogsback, South Africa


Heels, Hipsters and History

Heels, Hipsters and History

Fashion as art, and art as fashion…

Léo Caillard’s photo’s re-imagine classic sculptures dressed in modern fashions

It’s a spectacular and growing phenomenon, so don’t miss my article, Heels, Hipsters and History.

Have your mind seduced by the trendy sculptures photographed by Léo Caillard and dive into the genius and intricate shoe designs of Nick Adelman.

Nick Adelman’s intricate heel design act as summations of entire cultures of art.

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Alena Adamikova: Portra(y)it

Portraits without faces, landscapes without settings- Alena Adamikova is pushing existing  boundaries by constructing new ones.

Born in Slovakia in 1972, she studied and did her doctorate study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia.

A superbly talented artist, Adamikova’s portfolio consists of richly colored paintings, otherworldly forest photographs and incredible light exhibitions.

Her series of portraits, titled Faces and their Likeness, Likeness and their Faces (2006/7) is the most superb reflection of her ability to exploit the limits of painting.

She and Her Sister

She and Her Sister





















Adamikova brilliantly renders the inner world of her subjects by replacing the features of their faces with rolling meadows, modern architecture and swarming skies. As a result, she deconstructs the boundary between the inner and outer world of her subjects.

The most incredible thing about these works is that, without painting facial expressions, Adamikova is still able to convey moods, atmospheres and personalities more successfully than the majority of artists.

The Face is More Enigma Than Answer

The Face is More Enigma Than Answer






















I suppose what attracts me most to these artworks is an innate curiosity- the quivering question of:

What landscape would map itself across my face?


Youth Lagoon: Call of the dreamers

Trevor Powers, the multi-instumentalist who goes by the stage name Youth Lagoon

The Year of Hibernation sounds like dappled sunlight and sea-green trees.

Swells of synth, a fragile voice and moments of grand explosions- you will undoubtedly be absorbed!

Please find my review of the album here

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Kyle Thompson: Spellbinding and Surreal

Winner of the Italian Vogue  ‘Photo of the Day’ Competition in July  2012, Kyle Thompson captures staggering and surreal self-portraits with no formal training in photography. His soft lighting, rich colours and living textures glow with beauty of decay.

Ship WIthout Sails

Ship WIthout Sails

The subject matter is creatively crafted and balanced with contrasts of texture.

Thompson’s photos  explore the soft flesh of humanity in abandoned scenery and mystical settings.

The ethereal quality of each image truly takes my breath away.

A wander through his website reveals countless images that transport you to a dreamscape, where faeries whisper Autumn songs and trees turn to dust.

Graveyard Girls

XXYYXX: Modern Music as Magic

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you want to be hypnotized, transported, reflected;

if you want to feel as if you’re traveling in several trains simultaneously;

if you want to fly through a tunnel of blurring lights without moving an inch;

if you want to be everywhere, anywhere and nowhere;

then do yourself a favour and be entirely absorbed by this kid’s music.

Everett masterfully re-samples modern music, transforming it is a ghostly underwater reflection of what it once was.

Marcel Everett was a mere 17 years old when he mixed this minimalist magic in his garage and brilliantly samples the voices of artists such as Alt-J, Amy Whinehouse, Ne-Yo, Beyonce and Biffy Clyro.

A few personal favourites of mine include: Breeze, Witching Hour and Fields.

I must note, as a result of the delicate layering and swelling of sounds, his songs do take some time to “warm up”. But all good things to those who wait.

If you’re still not intrigued, (in which case I’m clearly doing something wrong) please feast your eyes and ears on this music video of his: